Precision Parts without a premium price.



Weldments – We create weldments for a variety of industrial customers in many different industries. From machine bases and platforms, to guards and railings, to specialized metal parts of every sort, we can produce what you need.

Repairs – We perform repairs in-shop or on-location for companies and institutions around the state. Factories, small shops, hospitals, restaurants, and municipalities use our fabrication and welding expertise to solve their maintenance problems quickly and professionally.


The American Welding Society (AWS) publishes guidelines for qualifying welders to code standards.

  • AWS Dl.l- Structural Steel- offered in MIG (GMAW), TIG (GTAW), and Arc (SMAW)
  • AWS D1.2- Structural Aluminum- offered in TIG (GTAW)
  • AWS D14.3- Heavy Equipment- offered in Arc (SMAW)
  • The International Standards Organization (ISO) publishes guidelines for qualifying organizational quality systems.
  • ISO 9001:2015

Alloy Welding & Manufacturing
233 Riverside Avenue
Bristol, CT 06010

Ph: 860-582-3638

General Manager:
Darren Frechette

Sales Manager:
Ken Nelson

Office Manager:
Paula Hoponick

AWS D1.1 Structural GTAW, GMAW, SMAW • AWS D14.3 Heavy Equipment • AWS D1.2 Aluminum GTAW • ISO 9001