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Laser Welding

Hand-Held Laser Welding

For welding thinner sheet metal, especially stainless steel, the state-of-the-art is laser welding. Laser welding keeps the heat-affected zone to a minimum and concentrates a tiny but powerful beam of energy exactly where it needs to be for an optimal weld without discoloring or distorting the metal. Until recently, laser welding was constrained to robot-controlled systems with programmed paths, ideal for large batches of parts, but not a cost-effective alternative for low-volume parts or parts that just won’t fit inside the system enclosure.

In 2021, Alloy Welding entered the field of hand-held laser welding. We learned extensive safety training and built a metal-shielded light-sealed room for the laser. Now we are able to use this new tool for any weldment any time. The laser welds through 3/16” stainless steel and can be operated with or without the optional wire-feeder.

We see hand-held laser welding as the best way to weld sheet metal seams. We cut out the blanks with our water jet machine, bend them with our CNC press brake, and weld the seams with the laser. The laser welder helps us improve the lead time and quality of the parts we build for customers who need precision parts without a premium price.

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